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How to choose a photographer!

First off, this isn't just a post on why you should choose our photography business to help capture your special moment. This is a blog to help you best choose a photographer that will be exactly what you're looking for in a photo experience. Ill be listing some tips and questions on how to help best serve you and make you get the most out of your photographs that you dream of.

We've all been in the same place while choosing a photographer. Myself included. Sometimes certain styles are trending (Super light photos vs. Super Dark and moody, etc.) and we have to choose what exactly we are wanting. When you start looking for a photographer, a good place to start is style. Ask yourself, what style best suits what I'm wanting to envision for my photos. For example, for my wedding, anniversary, and family photos, I tend to lean towards wanting just natural photos with light editing, and I know what photographers do those kinds of photos, so that's why I choose them. I wouldn't go to a photographer that does darker/moody style photos or someone who uses a lot of photoshop for my wedding, if that's not what I envisioned. There is nothing wrong with any of these styles. For maybe a Halloween shoot or Birthday Shoot, I'd choose the dark and moody style. Everyone has their own taste, and every photographer has their own style they aim for. Do your research and when your looking for a photographer. Set your expectations to the work that you view of theirs on their websites or facebook, etc.

Personality of photographer. Sometimes this can be a hard one. I try to look at both sides of the fence on this subject. As a photographer, I try to gather why people choose me and listen to their reviews on their experience on why they keep coming back. As a photographer, my goal is to be a friend, patient, get to know all my clients, be upbeat and positive, no awkward moments during sessions, and make you smile by naturally making you laugh. As a client, I want someone who doesn't make things awkward, but also isn't afraid to tell me if something does look bad and need to adjust to make a position or photo work. Sometimes when you're talking to a photographer, be mindful of a few things. Social media/ messaging can misinterpret a lot. Sometimes it can come off as blunt or rude, but in reality most photographers aren't trying to be. However, from almost 9 years of owning my own business I can honestly say I've "clicked" with almost every single one of my clients but a very very slim few. But also, keep in mind photographers are human. Sometimes they cant just drop life to answer every min of every day. Sometimes they have to have their own expectations, or they will get used. Sometimes clients may not like certain situations, but that's what a photographer offers or has to do. Another great way to see if you're going to like or click with a photographer is basically creep on them. Yes, CREEP! Go to their website, read their about me, look at the reviews they have on Facebook, ask people that you may know who has had photos by them. Granted, again, social media can interpret a lot of different things. Sometime reviews isn't always the best for small businesses because some people just want to tear someone down. I literally had a bad review one time with someone I never even took photos of saying I was rude, but never even talked to them! So be very careful on what all you take into consideration. Maybe even have a phone conversation with the photographer and review what all they offer. With me personally, I tried a mini session with my wedding photographer, and when I loved her work and her personality, I knew she was the one!

For wedding photographers, its so much more different than just a family session. Really take into consideration a lot of things while choosing a wedding photographer. You really should see what all the packages include. Make sure you know up front exactly what all comes with your package for X amount of money. Experience. Holy Cow, experience! Make sure if you're really wanting certain photos, time management, quality, etc. That you make sure they are experienced. For what I charge for weddings, is based off my experience, equipment, and education. I have the education level of how to take photos in a lot of situations. If its to dark or rainy out, got it, if its to bright out and sunny, got it, if the room is all orange, got it. I know how to adjust to situations, make sure I always have a plan at weddings, and make sure before I even go to a wedding, I know exactly what all to bring and every plan possible, I'm prepared for. Look at the photographer you're going to be working with and see if you can tell if they adjusted to different environments. Talk with the photographer before booking to see what all they offer and if that's who you want to invest in. Photography has all different levels and price points. If your photos are super important to you, find the best photographer that fits your style and price point. However, if someone with less experience, less quality, and the price is lower, don't expect the same amount of expectations as you would for someone who may charge more. When photographers are professional they're usually upfront. I usually tell my clients 1-2 months on a wedding until all the photos are done. This is because I hand edit my images, take out some blemishes, and make sure I keep all the photos that turn out for my clients. If you're wanting your photos back even fast after understanding 1-2 months, then don't expect a lot of photos from that photographer, they're probably in high demand.

Location and environment. Will the photographer travel? Do they have places in mind? Make sure you really communicate what type of location you are wanting. It would be really awkward if a couple wearing a suit and long dress for their engagement photos show up and you chose a farm in the middle of a cow pasture (unless that's really what they wanted) but, I think you get the point, make sure you let the photographer know a place or if they choose somewhere that its best fitting what you had in mind.

As you can see these are just a few of many many questions and tips that can better help adjust to what you are wanting in a photographer. If you have any questions, im always here to ask as a friend!




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