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Weather Policy

Why do I have a weather policy?

This weather policy is pretty much a guideline to help take away the anxiety of when your session is not going to be a good day for photography. When you see my photos, I want it to be a representation of expectations for your session. Apart of that, is good weather. Of course, for weddings, this is excluded, and we will do everything we can to ensure that day looks like a fairytale!


Wind is probably one of THE most annoying weather conditions. It could look like its sunny and 75, and you step outside, and it feels like you're in a tornado. Wind/Wind Gust make it almost impossible to get good photos. Anything above 7 mph winds, more than likely will be rescheduled sessions. Your eyes will more than likely water, and sometimes it can make the weather seem colder too. Usually, this is mostly an issue in the Spring and Fall in the evenings. Wind will make your hair and clothes also appear out of place the whole time we are doing photos. Imagine every time we finally get set up, a wind gust comes through and messes it all up, trust me, this is what happens. You are only given either 30 min or 1 hour for a session. If you refuse to let me reschedule you, and I show up and its windy, you will only get the time allotted for, and I guarantee we probably wont get as many photo's, and they also will not look like they could have been on a good day for a session. I will not do a "replacement" session if these photos do not turn out. Also, no refunds. Trust me, all these weather conditions I'm about to go over, is seriously a huge anxiety for me, I get so excited for each session, and hate when I have to reschedule.


Snow is a different breed, but also pretty simple in my rules for snow. If its currently snowing, I will not do a session. If its wet and snowing, it makes for muddy awful photos. If it has snowed a few inches, then I will allow any session to come to me, but I will not travel more than 30 minutes from my home. If the day of our session is calling for more than 40% of snow or sleet, it will need to be rescheduled.


Pretty simple. Anything with 40% chance or higher will be rescheduled. I know it may not even rain, but its better safe than sorry. Mother Nature is wild, and I would not want to be in the middle of a session and it start raining, have to cancel the session, and you will not get a replacement session. Now, sometimes rain is a huge surprise, with that, we can try to wait it out for 15 min, if it continues to rain, then we will have to make arrangements to finish a session near me for the remainder of the allotted time, IF I feel I did not get as many photo's as I wish. Sometimes, if we see the rain coming, I can zoom through photos super fast, and you still get the same amount of photos as you would've in the last 5 min or so of your session.


Again, pretty simple. Anything between 40 -58 degree's will need to be no more than a 30 minute session. Anything below 40, can be no more than 15 minute sessions, and still the price of 30 minute sessions, as it is more extreme weather, harder on equipment, and can cause health issues. If its calling to be this cold, please be aware of waiting until it is warmer.


Cloudy isnt always bad like people think. Actually, photographers prefer a cloudy day with blue skies. There is nothing more beautiful and better for photos. It causes even lighting, no shadows, and no squinting!


Super sunny days are super annoying. However, its not justifiable enough to cancel a session. Usually, with sunny days, it works out okay and turns into a golden hour of glowing photos. This is why I only schedule my sessions for the last hour of daylight, creating great lighting without the sun being awful.


I will always try to reschedule you as quickly as I can, I truly try to allow time in my schedule for easy reschedules. However, please be patient and flexible. Sometimes, this can take a few times, as weather sometimes doesn't like to cooperate. By being patient, and rescheduling for a better day, I can PROMISE you that you will not regret waiting for a better day.



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