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Why Invest $$$?

Why invest different ranges of money into photography?

One of the most sensitive topics of photography, is the money. As a client, there is always so many questions and considerations when choosing a photographer. Sometimes that comes with a certain price budget, and that's okay too! So, I'm hoping this blog post will help better explain, at least for my photography business, why I charge what I do.

First and foremost, I feel like I charge, what I personally would pay for my services. I truly take a step back and reflect each session what I feel like I would pay for what I give to each session. In this blog, you will find examples, and answer on what you get verses what you could potentially get. Also, putting things in a different point of view to help you better understand how I feel as a photographer, and others may as well. We sacrifice a lot to be apart of these special moments. I could not tell you how many events, birthdays, weddings, family time, holidays, etc I have missed. Please keep this and the following in mind when you are looking for a photographer.

Here comes the breakdown.

Weddings - I charge a certain amount for weddings because, well, I put A LOT into them. With my wedding services I give you a 7 hour wedding day shooting photos. You may say, "I don't need all those hours", respectively, you do. For some situations, maybe you will only need 4 hours, because you're eloping somewhere in the area, you want someone to show up at the ceremony of 10 people, and some photos with family, and as a newly married couple. But, remember, its not going to reflect in the photos like a full day wedding would. You wont have the getting ready photos, every detail shot, bridal party photos, etc. Smaller weddings with less than 15 people, I will be flexible as I can, but I still bring a lot to the table. I still bring my equipment, insurance, experience to the table. For a full wedding day, you need me there for the 7 hours, which I will happily breakdown a timeline for you and explain what has to happen in these hours. Through the 10 + years of doing this, time and time again, I see what I have to have a schedule set up this away, again experience. Maybe you'll find a photographer who is going to come to the wedding for a few hours, but did you get the experience and schedule to cover everything a wedding day needs to consist of? You get an online gallery with this. Its a program I pay for monthly, so you can better share your photos, download them to keep forever. You have so many months to get them downloaded and make sure they are safe for your keeping. Complimentary, I give you so much in a package too. You have the choice to utilize an engagement session, you get a second shooter, day of schedule, and free bridal magazine. Whoa. How many other photographers would you invest in, that is willing to give you all that free, because the believe those things take your experience to a different level, and are vital to your wedding day. When you invest in us, your investing in your number one advocate that day. We will help anyway we can, beyond photographers. We have helped other take a break from the wedding scene, and just get away. We've helped decorate last minute because it was raining and now your décor isn't outside. We've made sure your food was out, cake was served, your hydrated, and its your most perfect day. I have a lot of experience, and there isn't to many situations, I haven't been able to help or figure out. Compared to maybe someone who hasn't had as much experience, who can still make the day work. Photography is a lot more than expensive cameras. Its a lot of time, sacrifice, work, and money for the photographer. Invest in someone who truly will give you your moneys worth. Instead of asking "what is the cheapest amount you'd charge?", ask yourself, "how much am I willing to invest in this quality of a photographer". You would go into a job interview wanting the employer to look at you and say, "What's the cheapest you would work an hour?", because that wouldn't define your quality, experience, and show for what you bring to the table.

Regular Sessions- With my regular sessions, I charge simply what I would pay for the services, time, and quality that I give each of my clients. You get an online gallery with ALL the photos that turn out. Which means, those photos that there is no funny faces, movements, or just would not be up to my standard of a good photo. I sort out all the photos that turn out to give to you, because I don't believe in wasting photos, vs a photographer who may say you only get a certain amount of photos. I charge for again, what experience I would want with a photographer. I truly meet so many amazing people, and cherish our time together. I go out of my way to put my heart and soul into sessions. I want them to be something you would be wanting to share for a lifetime. I have so many expenses, I cant do photography for free. This is what helps put food on my table, and pay bills, just like your job.

People truly don't realize the expenses that professional photographers have. Just to put thing in perspective, even though I hate talking money, but its something that maybe will help others understand, its not just a hobby.

I paid this year in taxes $2,000. My lens each cost from $1,500-$4,000. My insurance is $780 a year. My yearly contract system is $400. My yearly editing system is around $200. Plus the actual camera bodies, my reflectors, lights, backdrops, chips, laptops/computers, etc. Plus gas. Plus anything that breaks or needs replaced. I'm not saying all this so you think oh wow, all she thinks and see's is money. No. My point is, I charge because I've worked a really long time to get where I am. My photography is where I want it to be. For the quality and experience, this is what I have to charge. When you invest in someone like me, your paying for their dream, and memories for you that will last forever. I truly give back to the community, give free sessions to those who cant afford it, discounts, and anything I can do to help out. Us photographers charge what we are worth, we understand if we are not in your budget, but understand why we have to charge what we do to keep doing this, and make sure its fair for us as well.



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