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So you're probably here because you just got engaged. First, Congratulations! Now is such an exciting start to a new chapter for you! A chapter we would love to capture for you and help any way we can! With our weddings we come with a small team. We do our best to not only capture the photos, but join in where we see needed. We've been known to steam dresses, help get food out, run decorations outside in time for a ceremony, wipe your sweat, and just be support for you both as a new couple! 

Planning weddings can be super crazy, but we try to do our best to make it simple on our end. You get a day of schedule that will help keep us on track and organized. The package also comes with online gallery with all the photos edited beautifully, and full rights to download and print. 

Prices start at $2000 +Tax

Or we can build a package for Elopements and destination weddings!

Lets chat and get to know each other!

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